Friday, March 7, 2008

Cleanest of the Clean

I've been to many cities but nothing compares to Singapore. It's the cleanest of them all! Everywhere I went, i was surprised how beautiful and green the city is. It wasn't big, but it was amazing.

I think singapore can be on the top10 list of the cleanest country in the whole wide world. I think it even cleaner than my own country, Korea. 1 Singapore...top2 Korea. ^-^

Aside from being really clean, i like the cars there. I think they are real expensive cars. I want to own one in the future when i become a multi-millionaire!

The people are friendly as well. I think they are nice people. but im not really sure...
I was surprised how well Singaporeans behave. I think they were all trained to clean well. that's the reason why thier country is extremely clean ^-^*